New Year, New You?!

1stFeb 10

Now we’re one week into January and, I’m assuming, most of us are back at work now, I was wondering how you are all getting on with your New Year resolutions. Did you even make any and if you did have you managed to stick to them or have you already failed dismally?

I aim to start as I mean to go on and thought I would share a couple of our resolutions with you as they tie in very neatly with some great events we have developed ready for 2010.

· Think about the environment – we think the way forward is all about cutting carbon emissions, reducing the amount of miles travelled for delegates, recycling points and recycled products. Every little helps!

· Give a little back – We are really excited with the new CSR events that we have been developing. There are so many communities out there that need our help and here at Pretty Clever we have the ability to make it all happen. It really is a fabulous opportunity to team build, can be creative and is a fun day out of the office, it doesn’t break the bank AND gives something back to the community.

· Make more time – by investing in others you will raise morale and boost productivity. The same goes for building real relationships and rekindling those that have been in the background. It’s all about the people.

· Don’t spend unnecessarily – but what about the January sales?!!! Lets keep it real, I mean there can’t be that many people out there that hate shopping…can there?! (my business partner assures me there is). Me, I just love the sales and I love a bargain so with that in mind I’ve been working out ways of how we can extend this to our clients. We’ve got some great sales of our own going on, reductions on team building events, FREE venue finding and if that’s not enough what about our Open House Dining = little money, lovely locations and lots of fun. What’s more it will guarantee you a slap up dinner at a fraction of the cost AND you get to make new friends.

And you say you never find anything good in the sales…c all us and grab yourself a bargain!

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